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In line with the concept of increasing refinement, TOHO continuously researches and improves the quality of technology and equipment, so that our customers can buy and use with peace of mind.


Mr. Tsao Tang Lin invested a factory in order to supply valves in this era of lack of supplies.Created TOHO and TOHO EAST to make bronze valves, they have been affirmed by customers and continues to be used today.

With the increase in customers and turnover, the factory must be in the name of company to deal. We began to actively expand export sales. At present, TOHO has customers on five continents, and even valves with the TOHO trademark can be seen on the buildings of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai and the Sands Casino in Macau.

From now on, Mr. Tsao Tang Lin own this company totally, we could follow our wish to improve quality and service absolutely.

In 1999, a 921 earthquake with a scale of 7.3 on the richter scale occurred in Taiwan. The old factory building was severely damaged because it was located on the fault zone.

Take this opportunity, we invested some new machines instead of old machines and stand up again from the earthquake because those old machines and building were buried in the ground.

To make sure the quality and the service, we application and passed ISO-9000. Because of agree with the concept of ISO, we have been upholding the ISO spirit to manage the company’s production and quality control processes.

With the keeping increase of business volume, we once again moved to the current company location.

In order to be more environmentally friendly and healthy, the United States started to promote no lead pipelines and valves. We also began to produce no lead valves, and passed the WQA audit in the same year.

Since then, the concept of risk management has been introduced in the company’s sustainable operation and reduced the possibility of stock out risks caused by customers not doing proper risk control in the factory.